April rises in the Light of Sun and Moon, in the Order of Cosmos. April brings forth the Joy of Life in the Perfection of CORE expression. This joy is the Reality of seizing Opportunity.

Seizing the Opportunities given in the Light and Right of Sun and Moon. Right of Human Being is in the Light of Order, the Order given in the Motion of Light realised by Sun and Moon for Terra. Orbit of Terra is Active in the Honouring Truth of Origin. Human RACE Honours Origin in the Reality of Creative Ability. Obeying the Perfect Will in Creative Ability is Obeying the Truth of LAW and manifesting the Order that comes with it.

In Order that is manifest, Active, is the Truth of Joy. When IN Order, Joy can rise. When IN Order, Opportunity is Present in the Act of Creativity and in the Motion of Light. Honouring the Origin as Human Being is Honouring the INNER Motion of CORE, the Motion of Wish and Will and Promise. Promise is Righteous in Order and makes Life MORE in the Ordered Truth of LAW and Origin. Promise is the Given Right to create and the Right to enjoy this Ability. Being able to Enjoy the Creative Wish is being able to live from CORE, from the Ordered Way and Expression.

Human Being in the Harmony of Will and Wish rises in April in the Opportunity of this month to realise Joy in Creative Power.

Copyright: Ascending All