In the Light of NEW Moon and in the Glory of Venus we welcome the Night in which Earth is enriched with the Wealth of her CORE. Wealthy Life is Truth of CORE Expression, the Expression of White Fire Order in VOW.

Venus has given her Light in Moon her Reflection to realise the Resurrection of Life, of Christ in All. To materialise the INNER of RACE, Venus gives Life, Earthly Life. A Life in which the Creative Ability of RACE is Loved.
Earth is an Altar for the Love of RACE, for the Wish that Lives IN RACE as Love. Loving the Order of CORE and bringing forth Breath is Truth of Venus her Light. Our Body is IN Venus Active and able to Breathe the Oxygen that comes from the Right of GOD. GOD’S Right is IN Human Being the Right to create. We can do this with an Earthly Body, with the Wish of GOD that we are asked to Express and materialise.
Forming Life on Earth is the Love for GOD and the Love of GOD. Forming Creation is Activity of Human Being, Activity in ONE Order that Lives in Cosmic Right.
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