This Moon will take us on a Journey. This Moon you will travel into Earth. It is a Journey to meet the planet that you inhabit. It is a Journey to meet Creation as it is created.
This Journey will show you Creativity and Ability, Opportunity in Human RACE. And therefore it will show you what is created, it will show you what is given to you in Creation.

The Journey to meet planet Terra, the Journey to meet the Planetary Body is a Journey in which you are Invited by Matter itself. You are Invited by Earth. Earth asks of you to Meet her, to See her, to Comfort her and to be ONE with her. Earth asks to Root. So you are Invited to Root within planet Terra and in doing so you will start the Harmony of you as Creator and Earth as Creation. Starting the Harmony, the Equilibrium and the Truth of ONE as Creator and Creation means that you will begin to Create in Order.
The Harmony that can Awaken within Atoms, within the Components that makes Life, the chemical Components such as Oxygen, means that you are able to Create this Harmony, to Multiply the Harmony like you Multiply the Order of White Fire.
In a Journey in which you meet Earth, planet Terra, in a Journey in which you meet your Planetary Body, your Earthly Body, you will meet the Reality of your Creative Opportunities, of your Creative Will and your Creative Wish. It means that you will See that you are a Human or that you are Human RACE as ONE RACE.
Being Invited by the planet that you chose to inhabit means that you are Invited to meet yourself, to meet Yourself as RACE and thus to meet yourself within the Abilities of this RACE. It has been a Conscious Choice to inhabit planet Terra and thus it is a Conscious Choice to Create upon this planet or to Create the Body of this planet. It is therefore time to Awaken within Consciousness, thus to become Aware of the fact that you are Creator of this planet and of your very own Body that you are Creator of the World Body.
In meeting Creation, in meeting Terra or meeting Earth you will Awaken and you will find the Harmony of Creator and Creation, you will find the Harmony which is given in the Motion of Light. The Reality of the Motion of Light shows you the Opportunity and Creative Ability. In Creative Ability your Wish and Will is Expressed. So first Realise that you are Invited upon this planet that you have Consciously Chosen to inhabit this planet and then meet planet Terra because you are Invited on a Journey, a Journey within the Reflection of Moon and a Journey within the Direction of Sun. Travel with Sun and Moon, travel upon and within planet Terra. Travel to meet the very first Beginning of Creation which means you meet Creator, the ONE Point that starts Life.
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