Welcome the tone of this moon that brings order in life to realise a Way in Aquarian Living. Aquarian Life is a Promise in Sun and given to make All Life NEW. NEW is the Moon to bring Clear Reflection in meeting Mars its gratitude and Wish. Mars is Grateful for Life on Terra, on Earth. Mars is Grateful for interaction with Terra, because its Wish to teach Life on Terra is filled with the Right of Human Being on Earth.
Activate the Light of the NEW Moon this night, while you rest in the Tone of Mars. In this Tone all are Equal and may learn the Gratitude IN Life to come forth in Terra her Destiny as Human Being. Cosmic Order invites Human RACE to be Present in Motion of Cosmos, to be Present in Motion of All Life.
Hear Wish of Mars and Live Terra her Destiny in the Gift of this Moon.

Copyright: AscendingAll

Maria: Hef je gezicht op naar de Maan.
Be Seated in the Light of Moon. Be Seated in the Reflection of her Beauty, in the Reflection of the Light that comes from Sun. Be Seated and receive the Impulse of Aquarius, the Impulse that comes with the Dance of White Fire, the Impulse that comes with the Dance of Sun and Moon.

This Moon will take us on a Journey. This Moon you will travel into Earth. It is a Journey to meet the planet that you inhabit. It is a Journey to meet Creation as it is created.
This Journey will show you Creativity and Ability, Opportunity in Human RACE. And therefore it will show you what is created, it will show you what is given to you in Creation.

In the Light of NEW Moon and in the Glory of Venus we welcome the Night in which Earth is enriched with the Wealth of her CORE. Wealthy Life is Truth of CORE Expression, the Expression of White Fire Order in VOW.

Life becomes Reality in the Opportunities and the Choices of Human RACE. Life becomes Reality in the Creative Ability and Creative Opportunity within your Promise, within your Heart, within your VOW.

April rises in the Light of Sun and Moon, in the Order of Cosmos. April brings forth the Joy of Life in the Perfection of CORE expression. This joy is the Reality of seizing Opportunity.