Nature Reveals the Power of HOPE and the Beauty of Spring in every Detail. Detailed BODY or Creation, is Detailed in the Willingness of Human RACE to create Ordered and to Obey the Order in White Fire given. Obeying this Order is done by allowing the Light of Sun to touch you, to Direct you. Within the Light of Sun is Order, the Order that makes Life Righteous and GOOD. Ordered Life is the Beginning of Beauty, the Beginning of Future, of Eternal Life.

World Body is created in the Power of Nature United with the HOPE of Human RACE. In Union the Righteousness of Creativity and the Right of Order will be Expression as Creation. Equinox brings the Ordered Truth of Equality, which makes Order in Nature and Order in Human RACE Aligned and Alive. Touch of Sun in the Momentum of Equinox is the touch of Order in the Aquarian Right and Way. Aquarian Order is Future for Life and The Way for Light to BE. Forming Light as Life, Being Creative in Directing Sun Light to be Ordered Life, is Being Human in Equality with Nature and her Wish.

As Human Being you are Equal to the Sun. Therefore Sun may touch you. Like you touch Light with your Creativity, with your Wish. We are all Equal in the Light, we are Equal in the Perfection and Reality of Natural Living.

Walk in Nature to be embraced by Sunlight. Walk in Nature to Awaken in the Equality of Life, in the touch of Light. Be able to learn The Way of Aquarian Order and realise that BODY is of the World.