Moon becomes Full in her Wish to Reflect and her Right to materialise the everlasting Light of Sun. Fullness of Moon is a Gift to Terra, to Human RACE and to Sun.

Her Light is Reflection of Sun’s Promise to Direct and to give Light. Wish of Moon to Reflect is her Right to Multiply Light, her Nature to Honour the Origin. Original Wish in Feminine is to Honour the Origin by Reflecting the Origin. Moon is the Nature of Femininity, the Nature of Pure Reflection.
Life is the Reality and Promise of Direction and Reflection, a Promise of Masculine and Feminine Nature in Action. Life is Eternal in Direction of Sun and in the given Right to Multiply Origin and make MORE Light. In Multiplication the Detailed Truth of Aquarius comes to pass. Aquarius is Aquarius because it is the Age of Details, the Age of Reflection and Direction. Which means it is the Age of the Equal Right of Masculine and Feminine. In Equality of Right in Wish, All Details Live and give Light to make Life MORE. To make Life Beautiful in her Detailed Eternal Truth.
Celebrate the Right of Venus to give Life on Body on Terra, Life in Detailed manifestation of Sun’s Promise.
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