Life becomes Reality in the Opportunities and the Choices of Human RACE. Life becomes Reality in the Creative Ability and Creative Opportunity within your Promise, within your Heart, within your VOW.

Living upon Terra is Living to Honour the Origin. You are able to Honour the Origin within your Self and within ALL. Choosing for Life of Christ, choosing for Life of a Crystal Reality is choosing to do your VOW and to Honour the Light, to Honour the Origin. It is your Choice to be IN Order, your choice to Love Order and to Honour Order.
In the Reality of the Days that were over 2 thousand years ago, it is a choice for Life and it is a choice of Life although it may seem a choice for death. The Reality of the Opportunity was given for Resurrection, it was an Opportunity given to spread Light in Matter. It was the Right to Honour Mother, it was the Right to Realise Mother as Creation.
The Honourable task of Being Human is the task in Free Will or is the task to Free the Will, the Righteous Will, the Right of Will.
You have Right to choose. You have Right to use your Will, to apply this in the Promise, in the VOW, in the Light of Sun and in the Light of Moon. Human RACE Lives upon this planet to create a Destined World, a Destined Clear and Crystal Reality. IN Christ this Reality has started, IN Christ this Reality will come. The Freedom of Will is the Right of God’s Tone and God’s Voice to Spread itself within consciousness and awareness, to Spread itself within the Harmony of these two. It is in Golden Standard that Life Spreads that Life Multiplies. It is in Golden Standard that the Freedom of Will exists. Therefore we are Human, Human Rooted in Terra. Human Beings Rooted in the Reality of Nature. Within this Reality we Create, within this Reality we Choose, we Breathe and we Follow ONE Way.
In ONE Way is our Destiny. In ONE Way is our Hope. The Choice to Realise Life, to make Life Real in the Sealing of Sunlight is the Choice to Live, to Breathe, to Express and to Give. So Give to the World your Light, your Ability. Give to the World the Nature of Human.
Copyright: Ascending ALL