A Teaching is a personal tool to create.

http://www.globallightminds.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/07/Lovess-surprises.jpgA Teaching is always given by an Educated and Trained Teacher from The North, who has the Right to see the Detail and the personal VOW of this Detail. A Teaching is personal in the connection to the VOW, which means a Teacher is personal as well. The Teaching awakens the Detailed Self, the True I Deity in the Student. Because the Teaching is directed to the Core of the Student, the Core Multiplies in honouring and applying the Teaching. The Core grows as Self and the Self becomes visible for the awareness and consciousness. The Student gets to know Self, the I.

Every Student willing to show itself, can receive the Teaching to its Self and will learn the Natural Expression of this Self. A Teaching is given within the time-frame of Ages, therefore every Age has its Principles who are given in the Teaching. Every Age is created based upon the taught Divine Principles in Right for an Age.

Teaching is the tool to create Oneness, to create the VOW in materialised form. A Teaching is always given within the Oneness of Teacher and Teaching and given to Oneness, the I Deity of a VOW.