Water In Sacred Harmony.

United State. 

United Natural Inspiration to Originate NOW. 

To WED - To Welcome Eternity’s Destiny.

Truth IN unITY.

Transparent Eternal Realisation in Righteous Ascension. 

Sealed Portal to be IN Embodiment.

Social Original Utilised Light.

Show(ing) Honest Youth.

Right Eternally Alive. 

 RAdiant MAtter is TerrA Space.

Radiant Aqua from CORE of Eternity.

Radiant Aqua. 

Promise Original Reflection To All.

The sound(OM) of Real Intelligence in TerrA Space. 

Nature Of Water.

Natural Eternal Willingness. 


Motion of Origin in Righteous Eternity. 

Multiplication in Alignment with North. 

Life Of Virgin Embraced. 

Light of Origin Righteously Directed. 

Living Ascending Way.   

Knowing Eternal Youth.  

YOU THesis.  

Immaculate State. 

Light Is ON. 

Honouring United MAN.   

Honour and Obey Motion of Eternity.  

Equal Union Reflecting ONE. 

Eternal Ascending Real True Home.

Destined Radiant Eternal Aquarian Matter. 

Celebrating of Eternity in Living Love.  

Community of Angels, Masters, Elohim on Terra. 

Come Ascending Living Motion.

Beauty of Origin Directed by You. 

Beautiful Light in Sacred Sight.

Beauty of Eternity.

Obedience is The Way of Ruby. Being Obedient is the Natural Reality of a Human Being. ‘Being’ itself means ‘Obeying’, or ‘Original Being. When a Human is the Original Being as seen in the EYE of Creator, it is the Living Expression of the Promised Detail, the I in VOW. Obeying therefore means that you as a Human are first and foremost Obedient to your Detail, your Divine Identity, I. To become conscious and aware of the I, Teachings are available. The Teaching is the tool to create with the I, or to learn to be Obedient, to be the Original Being you are. 

A Detail is the Identity in Divinity. This means it is your Original Identity, Real and Eternal within the Wholeness of Life. A Detail is the ONE responsible for the VOW. The Detail is Promised I towards All of Life, including yourself. It is Deity (Godhead) in detailed Virtue active.   

A VOW - Volountarily Obedient Way - is the oath given by every Living Human on planet Terra, before Throne of God or the Representative of White Fire. Planet Terra is Designed with the goal to Unite Twin Rays and Twin Flames. A VOW lives within the Union of Twins, a VOW is the Whole Expression of Twin Rays. Within this VOW is given the Command to Live, the very first Command to every ONE.

In the Teaching the I (the Oneness of the Masculine and Feminine Ray in VOW) learns how to realise the Promised Expression. Promise is given to the Whole of Human Race. It is Promised that Life will be the Wholeness of Deity, which means the Wholeness of the Masculine and Feminine Ray. In this Wholeness Life is Original, it is the Loving Intent in the Origin.

Twin Flames are the supportive Oneness to the Detailed I of VOW, while the Twin Ray is the Detailed I in VOW itself. Within Union of Twin Flames many Twin Rays have the opportunity to realise their Promised Expression.

The Origin is the ONE Source in everything alive, the beginning. The True and Eternal beginning is Original, it is White Fire. Always when we talk about the Origin, we refer to White Fire. When the Original Creation is realised, because the Teaching is applied in an I, a Self, the Eternal Ending is realised. This Ending is Original, it is the Creation of Original form. Whereby we say that this is White Fire Expressed.

Within the Origin is given a Design which functions as a platform to create from and to create upon. The goal of the Design is to materialise the Intent of the Origin, which is Love. The Original Design is materialised because of the creation of a Blueprint that carries the Origin, White Fire, in the Will to create.

Northern Original Reality of Teaching's Home. The North is the hemisphere where the society of Teachers Lived and where the Education to become a True Teacher has been given. The Northern Civilization lived long ago on planet Terra, with the goal to raise Teachers for Human Race. In The North the Origin of the ONE Teaching is still Alive.

In the book ‘Word of the North’ the Northern Reality is given and the vibration of the North can be experienced through the Word.