About Us

In 1995 Mhura and Maria found each other on their path of spiritual development, curiosity to life and a wish to find truthful living. Together they have grown and started to find and develop their individual qualities. As teacher and visionary, Mhura works with a group of people, which forms the base of her daily work at Aquarian Lighthouse. The expansion of consciousness and realising the Age of Aquarius is her main focus.

Since 2009 Maria uses the teachings and meetings as platform for inspiration to give inspired messages or writings. She writes about the Aquarian Age and gives Prophecies, Hope and Immaculate Vision.

In 2016 Mhura and Maria moved to a beautiful property where they can share daily life and work together on the expansion of consciousness, so the ascension of all Life can be created. With this in mind Mhura established Aquarian Lighthouse at this property since 2020. In 2021 Maria and Mhura realised their cooperation in establishing Elijah’s Seat as a platform to publish books and writings.

The combination of teachings and messages provides a unique path to discover life in expanding our consciousness. You are welcome to join us on this path!