Equinox – Truth and Power of Equilibrium

In the Right of Equinox and in the Light of Equinox we come forth as Humanity, as Humankind to give of our Light, our Wish and our Willingness. It is our Willingness to Serve planet Terra, to Serve Cosmic Order, to Serve Human RACE as a Union of Details. In this Willingness we come forth to Celebrate the Light of Equinox and to Celebrate the Truth of Order in Cosmos.

Planet Terra moves within Cosmos, moves within Solar System. She fills Space with her Detailed Reality, with her Detailed Expression. To fulfil Space is to fulfil the LAW in Cosmos given. Cosmic LAW brings Lines and Motion, so we All are able to Realise a Detailed Expression. Planet Realises a Detailed Expression and so Humanity Expresses a Detail. Coming forth in the Right of Equinox is coming forth in our Ability to Create, our Ability to apply our Detail. And in our Wishful Reality, the Wish of our Core, we may come forth in the Lines of LAW. We come forth in the Invitation given by LAW when we are born.

We are Present as Humanity, present upon Terra to create this planet, to create the Beauty of this planet and to create the Beauty and Expression of our Human Core. This is the Expression of our Human Will. The Will comes forth in the Light of Cosmos, comes forth within Order of Cosmos. We are part of this entire system, a system of Worlds.

In the Promise of Sunlight that is given to us every day, we receive Light to create, we receive the Motion to be Creative because there is Sun and there is Moon. Within the Motion of this planet, planet Terra, we have our distance towards the Sun or we have our Communion with the Sun.

Being Promised the Light of Sun is Living the Life upon Terra and breathing the air upon Terra. We are able to be Creative because we Breathe, because we Receive the Light of Sun and because we meet with the Light of Moon. The Promise within our Heartbeat, the Heartbeat of Human RACE is the Promise of the Alchemist. It is our Alchemical Power that we may give in the Light of Equinox. It is our Alchemical Promise that we may Live in the Light of every Day and every Night. Being Alive within the Motion of Sun and Moon and the Motion of Terra is being Alive as Human Being meeting with the Powers of Nature within Ourselves. The Union of Human and Nature -Human Nature- gives Expression to the Alchemist. It is the Expression of our Creative Core, the Expression of our Wish and Will United.

The Power of Equinox as it is given today and as it is Celebrated today in the Wish of Humanity is the Power that Touches us within our Core. It Touches the Power within Humanity. Our Power is our Will and Wish. So the question for Humanity is : “How will we use our Will?” “And how will we use our Wish?” Are we able and ready to Realise the Power of the Alchemist within our being, within our brain, within our mind, within our will and within our wish. Creating from Core, Expressing our Core is the Promise of our Being and is the Promise towards planet Terra and entire Cosmos. Because we have a place in Space. We have a Place, it is given to us and we are Worthy to fulfil the Space with our Expression.

Expressing the Power of the Alchemist is Expressing the Beauty of Terra and the Worthiness of Being Human. Human Nature is Touched within the Power of Equinox, Human Nature, our Willingness. It is the Willingness to Serve All Life and to Serve Light. The Light of Equinox is what we Serve as Humanity. So we come forth in the Cosmic Order and in Cosmic LAW. We Realise the Expression of our Inner Most Being by Expressing the Alchemical Power of Creativity. We are Blessed Human Beings. We Live forth in the Bliss of Nature and this is the Bliss of our Natural Power to Create. When we Live in the Bliss of our Natural Power to Create, we Live in the Bliss of Creation. It means that what is created by our very own Will is the Comfort for our own Beings and the Comfort for All. It is the Pure Equality of the Inner and Outer, it is the Expression that is Creation, Equal with Creator.

What is Formed is the Truth and the Power of Equilibrium and the Power of Equinox may be Invited to Realise Equilibrium in the Power of Sun and in the Reflection of Moon. Planet Terra is able to receive Equilibrium in the Power of Sun and in the Reflection of Moon. And as we Walk this Earth, as we Walk planet Terra, we may Root within her being and therefore we Root within the Power of Equilibrium. Being Rooted in Equilibrium is being able to give of the Alchemical Power of our Human Nature. Human Nature comes forth in the Light of Equinox. Human Nature comes forth in the Power of Equinox because the Power of Human Nature is equal with the Power of the Light given in Equinox. When we have our Attention upon this Light and Right, upon the Beauty of Terra and upon the Worth of Human Being, we Realise the fact that Life is Born in Equality that Life is Blessed within Equality and therefore we Live Free in the Bliss of Nature.

Welcome the Light of Equinox. Welcome the Power of the Alchemist. Welcome the Reflection of Moon as it is given as Power of Sun. Welcome to All who Receive the Light so we Express our Core, our Union in ONE Cosmic LAW.

By Maria van Rooijen

I was born in 1979 in The Netherlands. When I was young I had questions about Life. I found a teacher in Mhura since I was 16, which made me develop my consciousness and awareness over the years. At age 30 I started to write from the inspiration of Masters, Angels and Life itself. Mhura and I work together everyday with a group of people around us to realise the Ascension of All LIFE.