Full Moon of Ancestors

Reflection of Moon brings us the Wisdom of the Ancestors and the Righteousness of their Light. Light of Ancestors is given to be Accelerated by the Generation that lives now and that is Able and responsible at this moment in Aquarius to Create. We create the Fullness of Reflection in Moon by Welcoming the Promise of the Ancestors to make Life IN Light and Right. All our Ancestors have learned, is accumulated in the Direction of Sun, in the Light of Sun. We may use this to realise Life in the NEW and Promised way of CORE. A Way in which Humanity is Active from within and from Wisdom.

Creating The Way to make everything NEW in the Right of Ancestors, is creating from CORE and applying the Order of White Fire as Source for Living. Full Moon Celebrates the Light of Ancestors, the Light IN Ancestors Multiplied and Rooted in Terra. This Rooted Light is in CORE of Terra and can be used by us today to form Life in Multiplication. To form Life upon the base of the Gift in Ancestors. We need to connect to Terra her CORE to make Life Expand, to make Life Real and to Seal Life in the Direction of Father and Sun. ONE Way is to make All Life righteous and Clear. ONE Way is Honouring the Direction in Sun that is reflected by Moon.

Moon Reflects the Power of the Ancestors, the Reflection of the Light that is Rooted in CORE of Terra by their Will and Act. Honour this Light and use it to Root in Terra. Use it to Live IN CORE and IN Ruby, forming the Direction of Sun as Creation in Aquarian Tone.

By Maria van Rooijen

I was born in 1979 in The Netherlands. When I was young I had questions about Life. I found a teacher in Mhura since I was 16, which made me develop my consciousness and awareness over the years. At age 30 I started to write from the inspiration of Masters, Angels and Life itself. Mhura and I work together everyday with a group of people around us to realise the Ascension of All LIFE.