Full Moon of Libra – Right of Creativity


To come forth in the Age of Aquarius as the Sign of Libra is to come forth in the Reality of the Human Mind and the Human Will. Will may be given in Equality. Will may be given in Equilibrium. Will may be given in the Right to Create, the Right to BE Human and to be Present upon Terra. 

This Right exists within the Age of Libra. The Age of Libra has given the Right of Creativity to Human RACE. And the Right to be Human, to be Present, on Terra. In this Right it means that you may Root. Aquarian Age is given to Human RACE to Root within the CORE of Terra. To be even MORE Present upon Terra within Harmony. 

For the Harmony of Terra and Human RACE may Awaken in the Aquarian Age. It needs to Awaken to Realise the Comfortability of Life. Comfortability of Life is Eternity, is Eternal Life. It is the Harmony of all the Elements in Nature. It is the Harmony of your Creative Power in balance with Nature. The Harmony that Welcomes Light of Sun and Light of Moon. In Harmony you are Present as Humanity with Terra in this Cosmos, in Cosmic Order. For the Order Commands and the Order gives Motion. Within this Motion you are Creative. Within this Motion you can Celebrate the Sign of Libra while being in the Age of Aquarius. 

So Welcome Libra in Aqua Reign. Welcome Libra with All her Qualities and her Gifts. For you may pursue the Right of your Creativity within the Age of Aquarius. You may pursue the given Qualities of every Human Being as Details. Every Detail is Worthy to be seen, Worthy to be formed as Creation.  

Be Creator in Harmony. Be Creator in Equality. Manifest Equilibrium as a Principle of the Aquarian Age. As Principle that may Shine in Cosmos. 

The Age of Libra will be Reflected in the Moon, in the Fullness of this Moon. The Age of Libra is Present within your Heart, within your Mind and within your Being to discover the Truth of Equality. To find Harmony and to find the True Nature of your Creativity. 

Welcome Aquarius in the Purpose of Libra. Welcome Libra in the Purpose of Aquarius. These two are Harmonised in the Will of Human RACE. 

By Maria van Rooijen

I was born in 1979 in The Netherlands. When I was young I had questions about Life. I found a teacher in Mhura since I was 16, which made me develop my consciousness and awareness over the years. At age 30 I started to write from the inspiration of Masters, Angels and Life itself. Mhura and I work together everyday with a group of people around us to realise the Ascension of All LIFE.