The Great Alignment

In the Right of your Creativity as Humankind you welcome the Great Alignment within your Solar System and you are focused upon the Sun that is in your midst. You are welcoming the Truth of Liberation, the Truth of the 3th. And you are welcoming the Magnificent Order that is Present in Cosmos. And that is the reason why planets align. For within the base of Order the Alignment of planets and the Alignment of your chakras is possible. In the Gift of an Ordered Cosmos you are Present upon planet Terra, you are Creative as Human Being. Within your Creativity you Honour and you Obey. You choose to Obey the Light of the Sun Direction. You choose to Obey the Impulses and Inspiration given by the Aquarian Constellation. You Honour the Light, not only of the Sun, but the Light of all the planets. For every planet has a Right within Ordered Cosmos, like you have a Right to be Creative.

In the Great Alignment that has been Active for a few days now, we choose to Impregnate the planets and your bodies with the Truth of Order. We choose to Impregnate the Cells and Atoms with the Direction that is given from the Origin. A Direction that is expressed within this Age as Aquarius and therefore manifests the Aquarian Order. Upon this planet you are Human. Upon this planet you are Creative. And upon this planet you are Present to Live from the CORE of planet Terra. You Root within CORE for this is your base. It is a base that is Original. Therefore this Origin is Active in the Order of Cosmos. The fact that planet Terra has an Orbit around Sun means that she is Active within the Order of Cosmos. She Honours the Light, the Direction of Sun. And she as well Obeys this Order. She Obeys the Gift of Light and she chooses to manifest herself and express herself within the Order of the Solar System. The entire Solar System is Active within an Alignment. An Alignment that is Present within Cosmos. An Alignment that is foreseen because within Order the Future is Clear.

In our Presences Today, in our Light and in our Right, Future is seen. Future of Clarity. Future of Brightness. A Future that is the Reflection of Aquarian Direction. A Future that is the Harmony of the planets in Solar System. Within this Future for Humanity, for Humankind, you are able to create the Right and Light of Aquarius. You are able to realise the Harmony of the Solar System upon this planet within your lives. Following or Obeying the Truth of your base, the Truth of Order, is Obeying the Right of your Creativity and Honouring this Right. For the fact that you are born on planet Terra means that you have received the Right to be Creative; for this is the Right of Being Human.

Obeying is O-being; Original Being. So you may be Original as Humanity and the planets in the Solar System may express Originally within the Direction that is given. The Direction that comes from what is in our midst, from the Sun. We activate the Light of Sun. We emphasise Order within the Great Alignment and we realise that this is a Gift for the Solar System, for each and every planet in this System. And that this is a Gift for Humankind. For you have chosen to be present within this Solar System. You have embodied, you are psychically present within this Solar System. And therefore you have the Right to mould this physical existence. You have the Right to form your physical existence and the physical existence of the planet.

In the Age of Aquarius we follow the Direction that is given in the Aquarian Constellation, the Direction of Sun that is Inspired by this Constellation. In the Age of Aquarius we choose Future. We choose Freedom of Light, Freedom of the Motion of Light. In the Aquarian Age we choose Details. So all planets can be seen as a Detailed Gift in the Solar System. We choose Details for we Wish to Create Eternity. In the Aquarian Age we choose the Power of the First Director and we choose to Obey and Honour this Power. We choose to listen to the music that comes from the Spheres of Cosmos. We choose to listen to the music or the Sound of the Aquarian Age.

In our Gift of Creativity we can conduct the Light of Direction and we can Reflect this Light to make it Real, to make it alive as form. Welcome your Creativity. Welcome the Truth and Order of Matter. Welcome and Manifest yourself within the Aligned position of your Birthright. For your Life is Righteous. Your Life is a Gift and all that you give to this planet, to Humankind, to the Solar System or to entire Cosmos, all that you give is given from your Birth Right. Your Right to exist, your Right to create and be Present.

In the Great Alignment your body and your chakras Align with the Truth and Order of Cosmos. You Align with your Birth Right, with your Detailed Gift to Life, to the Universe. For Being a Detail is Universal and therefore Being a Detail is Being Ordered. Being Ordered in the Allness and Vastness of Living.

Celebrate the Right that is in Order. Celebrate the Right of Life and the Right of Light that is given through Sun. Celebrate the Gift of Life as it is Present upon planet Terra and make this Gift MORE. Multiply the Truth of your existence. Multiply the Order of your existence. Multiply the Original Truth of being born.

Activate the Solar System. Activate the Light of your Solar Plexus. Activate the Truth of all the petals in your chakras. So planet Terra will Activate the Expression of her CORE, of her innermost INNER. Root within this CORE, be Initiated by it. For the Ruby Expression is Welcomed in Solar System, Welcomed in Cosmos. It is a Detailed Expression that is chosen in the Great Alignment or that is chosen in the Order of entire Cosmos. A Detailed Expression that is Original and that belongs to All and is given by ONE.

Truth and Order are a base. Truth and Order give you Freedom. The Freedom that we endeavour to realise in the Age of Aquarius. A Freedom that makes the past MORE for it gives us Future. Feel the Bliss of the Violet Gift. Feel the Bliss of being part of the Universe. Manifest the Vastness of Life as the Expression and Expansion of your body and the planetary Body. The Expansion of an entire Cosmos that serves ONE Origin and that chooses ONE Expression. An Expression IN Order. An Expression Full of Right.

By Maria van Rooijen

I was born in 1979 in The Netherlands. When I was young I had questions about Life. I found a teacher in Mhura since I was 16, which made me develop my consciousness and awareness over the years. At age 30 I started to write from the inspiration of Masters, Angels and Life itself. Mhura and I work together everyday with a group of people around us to realise the Ascension of All LIFE.