Wellness for Wish

Wellness of Human RACE is Lived in the Well Being of the Nature Elements and the Well Being of Elemental Life. Wellness of RACE starts with the Truth of Nature…
February 29, 2024 | By Maria van Rooijen

The Purpose of serving

You are on Terra with the specific purpose to serve in the process of transforming Matter. Matter needs to be transformed to give the Constellation of Aquarius Life or Expression…
February 28, 2024 | By Maria van Rooijen

Awakening Angelic Consciousness

In the Angelic Consciousness you know the Path of Enlightenment. A Path to specifically Enlighten Matter, Creation. Your Awareness Awakens to see and apply Angelic Consciousness in the choices and…
February 27, 2024 | By Maria van Rooijen

The Will to change

Material circumstances and physical reality will change according to the wishes of RACE and according to the Gift of Tone in Aquarian Constellation. The physical Reality of Life on Terra…
February 26, 2024 | By Maria van Rooijen

Welcome to Ascending All

In the Age of Aquarius we may all ascend. Humanity and the planet are united in this Destiny for Life. This website is here to inspire all in the Aquarian Principles and to learn to realise the ascension of all.

Do you wonder how you can contribute to this change?

Visiting this website is stepping in into the Teachings to create and live Aquarius. From Centre The-Invitation in The Netherlands we work and live to realize these Teachings and spread them in the world. All have access to the Principles of Aquarius, therefore we are continuously revealing these Teachings on this website.

If you want to see and experience the Teachings for Aquarius, you can invite us. We gladly want to contribute to your country and life environment. We lift up the Detail of your country so the Divine Expression of your Roots can grow. This will make it easier for the All and for your Detail to rise and Live Aquarius. You are welcome to contact us! You are welcome to join us in learning and creating the Aquarian Way!

  • Walk and Talk.

    Every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday morning
    € 15,-

    During these walks Mhura gives a meditation and lessons about Life, specified on the Age of Aquarius and how we contribute to creating this Age. You can share your story and ask questions while connected with Mhura. You walk from your own home or at a self chosen place. Walks will give you relaxation and inspiration. You experience nature and you learn about your very own nature, your human nature.

    What does it mean to be human?

    During the walk you are carried and supported by the beauty of nature and by hearing the deeper meaning of Life. You will walk with us and at the same time you follow your own path. The path you walk is the path you create in life and vice versa. While walking you will learn why you live and how you can direct your life.

    Go to the website of Aquarian Lighthouse, where you can purchase a ticket