Ascension Day

In the Power of Amen Bey is the Word to give Direction to the Ascension of Aquarius. This means the Flame of Aquarius is Ignited by the Will and Word of Amen Bey to manifest the Aquarian Dream upon the Right of Terra. This Right is Active in the Motion and Order of Cosmos, Active to form the Wholeness of ONE Way and ONE Direction. Direction in Will and Word of Amen Bey manifests the Dream of Aquarius as the Creation that Lives in the Order and Motion of Cosmic Pulsation. The Pulse in Cosmos is the Heart or Centre of Cosmos that makes All move in ONE Direction.

The Motion of Cosmos Lives as the Harmony of Life. In this Cosmic Harmony Sounds the Tone of Aquarius to touch all IN Harmony Present. The Presence of Aquarius in the Cosmic Order is the Presence of the Reigning Ability and Order. Amen Bey oversees the Light of Cosmos and has Ignited the Flame of Aquarius for planet Terra to give a platform of Harmonious Growth. This platform is received in the Will of Terra and the Will of LAW that makes Terra MORE. The Ignited Flame must be received in the Will of RACE to realise the Dream as physical Life, as creation of Ordered Wholeness.

When Aquarian Flame Lives IN Terra, the Ascension of Human RACE and Terra as ONE is Reality. Because the Flame of Aquarius Pulsates in the Rhythm of Cosmos, in the Motion of Cosmic Order. Terra is Present within this Order and realises her Motion within the Order. Her Motion gives Expression to the CORE of her Being, to the INNER. The Day of Ascension is the day to Celebrate the Cosmic Motion and Order. It is the Day to remind All of Life to the fact that Aquarius is Present. And that Flame of Aquarius can touch all that is IN Motion of Cosmos Alive. The Ignited Flame is in Will and Word of Amen Bey Directed to be given and transferred to the Power of the Aquarian Father Lanto. In this transfer the Promise of Aquarius will be fulfilled in the Will of Lanto and in the Logos that comes with the Power of Precipitation.

This means in Aquarius the Word becomes Logos, ONE Expression in all languages. The Word becomes Logos to touch all of RACE and to make all hear the Music of the Spheres in which the Tone of Aquarius Reflects the Details. This Reflection makes Ascension Real, makes a Promise Living Reality.

By Maria van Rooijen

I was born in 1979 in The Netherlands. When I was young I had questions about Life. I found a teacher in Mhura since I was 16, which made me develop my consciousness and awareness over the years. At age 30 I started to write from the inspiration of Masters, Angels and Life itself. Mhura and I work together everyday with a group of people around us to realise the Ascension of All LIFE.