Closing 2023

We Live in the Power of Promises and Wishes. Realising Life in the Orbit around Sun and manifesting the Power of Human Creativity in Consciousness and Awareness. The Creative Will is Gift in our system, a Gift in the Solar System of our Sun and its planets. We are Human to be Grateful and to Express our Creative Will in the Powerful Truth of ONE Way and Destiny. The destination of Human RACE is given in the Wishful Act of Life, the Act in which All are born from Wish and All are born from the everlasting Order of White Fire. Within this Order, we Breathe. Within this Order we manifest NEW.

To be able to manifest NEW, we need Gratitude for what has been. Gratitude for the given year 2023 and all of its lessons, contemplations and crossroads. In which decisions have been made to come forth in the Powerful Act of Creative Human Being. The year has come to an end and we realise NEW Path and HOPE in the Gifted season of Winter. In the season that is full of Celebration. A Celebration of Light. Light that gives Righteous NEW and Light that gives Joyful Gathering. 2024 awaits us. We are invited by 2024, to walk into the Light of Sun and Moon. To walk into the Dream of Aquarius. To be able to do so, we need to give thanks to 2023. To the year that has served our Willingness to be Human and our Will to be MORE as Human Being.

2023 has given us an Ordered Motion in Destiny. An Ordered gift of Time and Space. A gift in which Details can rise, because from Order All rises and grows. We will manifest the Colours of Aquarius from the Gift of 2023. In 2023 Nature has been Awakened in Human RACE. Awakened to set the Tone for a NEW phase and for NEW Life. We all Live to Commune, to Gather. We All Live to realise Wishful Space and a HOME to Breathe in. Welcome the Power of 2023, Accelerate her Light and Gift and travel into 2024 with a Gracious Heart.

By Maria van Rooijen

I was born in 1979 in The Netherlands. When I was young I had questions about Life. I found a teacher in Mhura since I was 16, which made me develop my consciousness and awareness over the years. At age 30 I started to write from the inspiration of Masters, Angels and Life itself. Mhura and I work together everyday with a group of people around us to realise the Ascension of All LIFE.