John the Revelator

Life is given in cycles. I have been attuned with these cycles since I realised that Life was created from Light and seen in the perspective of an Order that comes from the Right of GOD. In this Right the Light is able to move and BE Motion. When we Create from the Light Ordered in Cosmos, we create Life that is Active in cycles, Active in the Beginning and Ending of Ages. I was Alive in the Age of Pisces to realise the Vision of the next Age, to realise the Perspective of MORE. I could see the Promise of Life in the Truth of cycles and I was able to confront myself with the Authority of the days in my living reality. Confronting this Authority gave me Space to find Truth of Authority and thereby the Truth of Motion and cycles. I realised I was Authorised to see Future and to see a NEW Wave of Light. I could see this Light was coming in the Activity of Human RACE and in the choices of Human RACE. Because Consciousness of Humanity needed the Enlightenment of the Age of Pisces, I was pursuing a Path in which I wrote down the Reality of the Promise coming after this Age. And I saw the choice of Pisces as a choice in the Motion of Cosmic Order, in the Motion of Light.

To find myself in the Authority of my own Being, the Authority of my choices and abilities, was finding myself in the Truth of Fire. It was this Fire that Jesus spoke of and IN this Fire I realised a Way of Being Able to foresee that choices were affecting our life and world, our creation. During the time I was writing the Apocalypse I realised more and more how choices and actions define who we are as RACE. I realised how my choices and actions are of importance when Living on this planet. I could give of myself and add my Light to the society, to the way of thinking and of believing. I could do this only by confronting the reigning authority and my own authority. My ideas, thoughts, believes and my consciousness needed to be confronted to see the Light of Creator in Humanity, in myself. And to see the cycles of Light within the Creative Power of Human Being.

I Activated my beliefs in Christ, even though this name was not used in this time. I Activated my belief in myself, in the ability to write and to see far beyond. I could see the Light in Motion and therefore I realised that there was so much more to come. I was willing to write down what I saw, what I realised and discovered because I came to the understanding that the Enlightening of Consciousness was of importance. I was present at the Beginning of Pisces, but realising the Gift of the Ending of Pisces. I wanted to make sure that Light was Activated to give Birth to the next cycle when Piscean cycle would come to an end. In fact, my Inner was able to receive the Light of the Prophecies and to see the Promise of NEW and of MORE. My days were filled with struggle to be able to write and to be able to focus upon the Vision in myself.

Nevertheless I could give of myself and this gave me the Peace I was searching for. I had hardly any distractions left in my life at that moment and I could focus and sit and write. I could Pray and Listen to the words that were given. I could Activate my INNER Fire and release the Power of this Fire. But, as said, it was a struggle because the consciousness of Pisces had just begun and the Age needed to unroll itself much more. Although I was living in exile and even though I was seen as an outcast, I realised more and more how I was part of Humanity and part of the choices that were made and that were going to be made. Therefore I was passionate to give of myself, to bring my part to the world of the living and to bring my view into the Consciousness of RACE.

You are at the Beginning of Aquarius, of the Age that is a New cycle after Pisces. You start a NEW way of thinking and believing, a Way of Consciousness and Activities. All of Life is able to move in the Order of Cosmos but Humanity is a RACE with the Ability to choose. To Act with Will. Therefore Human RACE can only move with the Order of Cosmos and with the Motion of Light, with the cycles, by choice and by Act of Free Will.  Do not ban your HOPE and beliefs, but keep on moving with the Reality of your Vision and Faith. Keep on moving in the Act to create and in the Act to realise Will in Humanity as a Free Power that may Reign. The Activity of my Will has given the book of Revelations. A title that I did not foresee in my time. But my Will has added Light to Life and has made a Path for others to follow and Honour.

By Maria van Rooijen

I was born in 1979 in The Netherlands. When I was young I had questions about Life. I found a teacher in Mhura since I was 16, which made me develop my consciousness and awareness over the years. At age 30 I started to write from the inspiration of Masters, Angels and Life itself. Mhura and I work together everyday with a group of people around us to realise the Ascension of All LIFE.